Your Course Timetable


Time Activity/Lesson
08:00 Session One

Welcome & Introductions

09:00 Session Two

Whole Body System – Theory into Practice

How the classes are planned – e.g. Back Line/Posterior Chain or rotation of spine

10:00 Session Three


11:30 Session Four

Postural Restrictions – Movements and compensations

Teaching Practice – How do you communicate this to overcome movement patterns?

13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Session Five

Theory Assessment

15:00 Session Six

Teaching Practice - Prickle Ball Massage

16:00-18:30 Session Seven - Releases

Teaching Practice – Muscle Releases

Group Practice

Teaching Practice – Nerve Mobilisers

Group Practice


Time Activity/Lesson
08:00 Question/Discussion time (optional)
09:00 Session Eight

Masterclass – Practical Exam Class

10:00 Session Nine

Teaching Practice – mobilisation micro to macro

Precise to fascial lines

Partner work

11:30 Session Ten

Functional movements

12:30 Lunch
13.30 Session Eleven

Teaching Practice & Group work

Massage & Mobilities

15:00 Session Twelve

Teaching Practice & Group Work

Muscle and Nerve releases

16:00 Session Thirteen

Teaching Practice & Group Work

Fascial & Functional Movements

17:00 Session Fourteen

Re-cap re class and questions

18:00 Session Fifteen

Next Steps


Learner Feedback

18:30 Session Sixteen

Discussion time – Optional


PLEASE NOTE: The times quoted are the maximum timings allowed.  These timings are based on a fully attended course, so the course may run shorter if there are fewer participants; or if less time is needed in discussion sections for example.   Timings may be changed to suit the needs of the group.

Comfort breaks may be taken between sessions.

Snacks may be consumed during sessions if safe to do so e.g. not during Masterclass.