Your Course Timetable

Sessions to be held in Studio, with use of flipchart, mirrors, music and mats.

Time Activity/Lesson
08:00 Session One

Welcome & Introductions

09:00 Session Two

Whole Body System – Theory into Practice

11:30 Session Three


12:30 Session Four

Meditation Teaching Practice – starting mediation

13:30 Lunch Break
14:30 Session Five

Theory Assessment

15:30 Session Six

Teaching Skills

17:00-18:30 Session Seven

Teaching Practice – Finishing Meditation


Time Activity/Lesson
08:00 Question/Discussion time (optional)
09:00 Session Eight


10:00 Session Nine

Teaching Practice – Tracks 2-3

Group work & Discussion

11:00 Session Ten

Teaching Practice – Tracks 4 & 5

Group work & Discussion

12.00 Session Eleven

Adapting & Developing Tracks


13:30 Lunch
14:30 Session Twelve

Teaching Practice – Tracks 6-7

Group work & Discussion

Group Practice

15:30 Session Thirteen

Group teach

17:00 Session Fourteen

Next Steps


18:00 Session Fifteen

Discussion time - Optional


PLEASE NOTE: The times quoted are the maximum timings allowed.  These timings are based on a fully attended course, so the course may run shorter if there are fewer participants; or if less time is needed in discussion sections.

Comfort breaks may be taken between sessions.

Snacks may be consumed during sessions if safe to do so e.g. not during Masterclasses.