Policy for Learning Support

Policy for Learning Support and Reasonable Adjustments

As part of our equal opportunity policy, we are committed to providing access and individual learning support to learners by making reasonable adjustments whenever possible.

We can provide a range of support and guidance to students who have declared a particular learning need that is supported with a statement of learning need. We will also provide advice and guidance for students with a declared learning need.

This includes:

  • Dyslexia
  • Other Specific Learning Needs
  • Disabilities

Additional Support for Leaner’s Needs

We recognise that learners who apply and attend our training programmes will have differing and variable needs. In support of our Equal Opportunities Policy, we intend to accommodate learner’s individual needs, wherever possible.

To enable us to identify any specific learning needs, agree appropriate adjustments and support and evaluate the effectiveness of our provision, we will include the following procedures:

  • Learner Application Form – ask if they have any individual learning needs or physical needs that may necessitate adjustments or additions to the training programme.
  • During the Training Programme – observe and discuss with learners any changes or adjustments that may be necessary to enable them to have equal access to the training programme.
  • Learner Evaluation Form – request written and verbal evaluation from the learner? to enable us to assess the extent to which we are able to satisfactorily accommodate the learner’s individual needs.

List of reasonable adjustments that will be considered to meet individual learner needs


  • Discuss and agree an Action Plan with the student for best learning

Training & Assessment

  • Provide tour of the venue before the start the training.
  • Meet or communicate with the learner to agree any support needed.
  • Provide extra tutor support time when appropriate.
  • Provide a reader for written assessments*
  • Provide a scribe for written assessments*
  • Provide extra time for assessments.
  • Provide extra breaks during assessment
  • Defer assessments to enable more preparation time.

*May incur an extra charge.