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Aim for better movement


Restrictions disrupt the flow of movement through our bodies

  • Learn about your body and how to help it to move better
  • Learn how to recognise restrictions in others
  • Discover your areas that need attention, and learn how to help yourself
  • Understand compensations and how to spot them in your clients
  • Feel the benefit in everyday activities and in every other fitness activity that you do
  • Better movement for you and your clients
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Feel better
  • Appreciate your body more
  • Learn techniques that you can practice at home
  • Just as beneficial for the instructor as for the participant

Movement Improvement classes are for everyone - the very active, the active at weekends, the rarely active, the 'I want to start moving', everyone

All will benefit, whatever level of activity they practice at present.



This workshop-style class combines body-work type mobilities with fascial self-massage release and fascial movement, functional movement, and muscle and nerve releases.

One great concept = three classes

The Concept:

Bring techniques and tools to release muscle spasm, and mobilise nerves; movements to mobilise joints and tissue; and functional movement into a class. This class will help all to move better – whether you have a sedentary job, or ask a lot of your body by training hard. Train smarter, get better results.

The Classes:

Mmmove™ A fun class combining self-massage (prickle ball/foam roller), releases, mobility (micro and macro) and movement (functional, diverse, strengthening)

Mmmove™ to Mobilise Massage, releases, mobility and stretch Get better results by releasing muscle spasm and tension before your stretch

Mmmove™ to Improve Release muscle spasm and then work the inhibited muscle. Get great results

This is a very versatile concept as it fits well within a studio timetable but could just as easily be delivered by PTs on the gym floor. With it’s muscle and nerve releases to promote better recruitment of inhibited muscles, it’s core recruitment, mobility and stretch; it is a worthy alternative to Pilates or Yoga classes

Teach your clients how to look after themselves, reduce the chance of injury, get better results

Invaluable to the Personal Trainer or Therapist who wants to get their client moving better; great on the studio timetable.

Flow Movement Meditation™

A flowing moving meditation class.    Classes can be more relaxing or invigorating.

Participants are encouraged to connect to themselves and work on better movement throughout the class.   

We encourage kindness to ourselves, and kindness to others. 

There is no competition.  No just switching off and just following the instructor.  Every participant is encouraged to think and feel for themselves, and to consider what they need from the session. 

We take time to explore precise movements.  The emphasis throughout the class is on focused, mindful movement; and in revelling in the joy of our movement.

Learn how to recognise your client's restrictions and understand how to help them

Develop your verbal teaching skills 

Release your mind and body as you teach - benefits you as well as your clients

A great alternative to Pilates or Yoga, Flow Movement Meditation™ combines stillness of the mind whilst moving the body

A mind/body class for Level 2 studio instructors   


All Mmmove and Flow Movement Meditation candidates must hold a valid, recognised qualification in anatomy and physiology; via a recognised fitness qualification or therapy qualification.

All Flow Movement Meditation candidates must be qualified in Level 2 Exercise to Music.

Mmmove candidates, who wish to teach classes, must hold either a Level 2 Group Training or Exercise to Music Qualification.  Mmmove candidates may also be massage therapists or bodyworkers who wish to give movement training to their clients in a one-to-one setting; you must hold a recognised relevant qualification.  You will not be qualified to teach classes.

In order to be licensed to teach either Mmmove or Flow Movement Meditation, qualifying instructors must subscribe to the relevant monthly updates.

Do you teach in the UK?

Are you Level 2 Fitness qualified?

As part of our membership with EMD UK, The National Governing Body for Group Exercise, Movement Improvement may be able to offer you reduced price training

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Pre-learning & Theory Assessment

Your theory is on-line in advance of the course.  This is given to you approximately four weeks before the course.

Your theory exam is on the first day of the face-to-face course.  You need to pass this section in order to qualify to teach.

The on-line student area contains all the information that you need with suggested extra reading and video study.  This is provided to help you.

2 days Theory into Practice

This is where you see how the theory is put into practice in a class context.  It is important that you have read and understood all theory work before the 2 days, so that you understand the class concept, and are ready for your Theory Assessment.

During the two practical days, you will practice the moves and perfect your technique .  You will then have approximately four weeks in which to learn and practice the routine, so that you can excel in your practical assessment DVD.

Practical Assessment

You have 4 weeks in which to teach and video the whole class.  DVDs must be sent in by the date specified.

Booking Your Course

Click on the relevant button to download your booking form.  Complete and email back to us with copies of your qualifications.  Send to [email protected]  Once we have checked your information we will send you a payment reference to use so that you can make your payment via bank transfer.

Instructor Licence

A monthly subscription to our Instructor Site ensures that you are up-to-date with new routines, information and research.  This costs  £100 each year, or 12 monthly payments of £9.99 per year.   You must be subscribing to the relevant Movement Improvement Instructor site to be licensed to teach that concept.