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Most of us could do with moving more, and moving better.   It's great that people go to classes, go walking, take part in sports - all of these are great things to do.  However, the majority of us also spend a lot of time sitting down, or holding positions.  Sitting slumped in chairs for hours can result in weaknesses, and changes in lengths of muscle and tissue.  Our bodies have adapted to be good at sitting in chairs; in some cases with tissues 'fixing' us to make up for a lack of support, as we are not using lower back, abdominal and glute muscles as much as a standing, walking human perhaps should.

Many of us have poor posture, limited mobility or flexibility; and many of us have developed damaging movement patterns.  To then expect our bodies to deal with the stresses of a sport or a run, can be asking for aches and pains, even injury.

Movement Improvement® aims to help correct these problems by bringing together the movements and techniques that we believe will have the most effect, via the people that the clients are already choosing to see; their personal trainer, class instructor, or their massage therapist.

The majority of people are not aware of their restrictions or poor movement.    But how many of your clients complain that their back is a ‘bit tight’?

Most of us take our movement for granted.   We don’t consider how amazing it is to be able to move easily.   Most of us think we will lose movement as we get older.   How do you feel if I say that you could keep your movement well into your old age if you worked on it a little, and kept moving?!   And that you could help your clients to do that as well!

So let's bring movement therapy into the studio and onto the gym floor.   It’s time to educate our clients so they understand that their back ache could be alleviated if they paid some attention to how they move; to encourage our clients to look at improving their mobility before adding weights to their exercises; we need some mindfulness in our exercise.  Let's ALL move better.

Movement Improvement® class concepts are all about connecting to our bodies, improving our movement, and easing aches and pains.   Our concepts incorporate breathing exercises, mindfulness, muscle releases, joint movement, mobility, fascial fitness, functional movements, massage and bodywork.

Join us in releasing restrictions!

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Personal Trainers, Studio Instructors and Therapists are in the perfect position to offer some therapeutic movement
It’s time to bring our clients what they need.

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